Best Poutine: Clark Burger

5906 York Road, (410) 323-2356,

There aren’t too many places in town serving real poutine—a Canadian dish of french fries topped with a gravy-like sauce and cheese curds—but Clark Burger’s is far and away the best. The hand-cut fries are sturdy enough to handle the pool of delicious, heavily herbed gravy, and the cheese curds (aka solid parts of soured milk) squeak softly between your teeth, as good cheese curds should. If the fries, gravy, and cheese combo isn’t artory-clogging enough for you, try one of the varieties on the classic poutine that Clark Burger offers, such as the Frère Jacques with smoked bacon, fried egg, and roasted garlic chipotle aioli. Your cholesterol might not thank you for it, but your taste buds certainly will.

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