Best Potentially Terrifying Land Grab: Kevin Plank's Westport and Port Covington purchases

By January, Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank laid claim to more than 120 acres of land—acquired in piecemeal purchases totaling more than $90 million—in Port Covington through his real estate firm, Sagamore Development Co. Then, in July, Sagamore representatives confirmed Plank was also behind the purchase of 43 acres of land in Westport, which Sagamore got for a $6 million steal at a foreclosure auction. (This is not to mention the existing Under Armour campus in Locust Point, nor the luxury hotel that Plank is erecting on the Fells Point Rec Pier.) Plank’s vision for South Baltimore so far entails a whiskey distillery and new Under Armour HQ—relatively innocuous designs. But this is a guy whose response to being denied land by the Baltimore Museum of Industry’s board of directors was, “I never want to be beholden to a vote of some board or politics or anyone else.” Here’s hoping Plank’s future plan considers the city and its needs.

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