Best Post Office That's Actually Open: Main Post Office

900 E. Fayette St., (410) 347-4275

A lot of stuff in Baltimore doesn't work like it should—public transportation; water mains; the O’s, most years—but the postal service mostly does. Think about it: For 49 cents, you can put a letter in the mail and they'll take it pretty much anywhere in the country—even all the way to Hawaii or Alaska. It's one of the last great bargains. But you've got to buy the stamps first, and that part's totally Baltimore: way harder than it needs to be. Hampden's branch closes from 1-2:15. The one in Highlandtown closes from 1-2:30. The one on South Wolfe Street closes from 2-3. Everyone needs lunch, for sure, but all at the same time? What is this, Spain? It can be frustrating to keep track of all the different schedules, but there's always the post office in Jonestown. It’s always open, and it’s even open until 7 p.m. That's the post office we deserve

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