Best Pop Renaissance: 'Bobby Donnie Plays the Bobby Donnie Songs' by Bobby Donnie

Painting, poetry, punk, god, and rock ’n’ roll are all dead and that’s great news because it means that we can start all over and make new things—which seems to be the ethos behind the duo Bobby Donnie’s debut album, full of rickety, sparse drumming, fuzzy guitar, and hootin’ and hollerin’ sounds, which are pieced together carefully with absurdly poetic lyrics. Like the musical equivalent of artists Joan Miró’s or Richard Tuttle’s playful logic, the record builds and shifts between songs that are simple and ordinary and obtuse (in the best way). In no time you’ll find yourself singing along to Stephanie Barber’s voice mimicking a twangy guitar at the beginning of ‘Swamp’ before you join Joan Sullivan wailing, “he put his foot to the pedal and prayed to baby Jesus/ take me home/ take me to that fire in the SKYYYYY!” Bobby Donnie knows just how to play along with the catchy platitudes of pop music while taking us on a ride through a world that is wonderful, weird, and uncertain.

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