Best Place to Open a Restaurant: Anywhere But Hampden

Over the last two years or so, Hampden has gone from a quirky retail destination to the muse of every would-be restaurant owner in the city. Let’s run over a few of the recent (and upcoming) restaurant additions, shall we? There’s Café Cito, Arômes, Souvlaki, Paulie Gee’s, Le Garage, Dylan’s Oyster Cellar, and Play Café, just to name a few. That doesn’t factor in all the restaurants that have been there longer, nor does it include everything going on in nearby Woodberry. Enough is enough. Sure, variety is the spice of life, but do we really need this many restaurants packed into one place? People like to do stuff with their free time and disposable income other than gorge themselves, you know. And hell if everyone wants to deal with a street parking cluster-fuck just to have a decent meal. Come on, all you restaurateurs and investors, the rest of the city is your oyster! Call us crazy, but opening a restaurant anywhere else in the city might be what the high-minded executive types call “a good business strategy.”

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