Best Place to Make You Think Punk Is Dead: The Rockwell

702 S. Broadway, (443) 835-1336,

We have to admit to not being too familiar with All Time Low, but after hearing that a local punker Jack Barakat of the Towson pop-punk band was taking over Vale Tudo in Fells, we were mildly excited. Not that we thought it would be the second coming of CBGB or anything like that, but maybe dumb fun in the context of Fells Point. Go there, however, and it seems pristine and lifeless—not the place you’d expect a hard-partying rock star to own. The most notable feature are projection screens on almost every wall that feature photos of famous rock bands mixed in with what appear to be the same Baltimore City skyline photos that you would have seen in there before the change in ownership. The bar staff was friendly and it was an OK enough place to get a beer without paying a cover, but if this is what a rock bar is in 2015, count us out.

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