Best Place to go When You've Weaned Yourself Off Chipotle: Brown Rice

2404 N. Charles St., (667) 303-3256,

We shouldn’t have to tell you to stay the fuck away from corporate corner, that wretched stretch of Charles Street between the Potbelly at Biddle and the Starbucks at Preston, but even if you stay away from that strip, there are other corporate-ass places with other corporate-ass Chipotles. Of course it’s good. But you know better. Eat local—and eating local doesn’t either have to be fancy stuff or a corner store. It could be Brown Rice, the new joint that has revolutionized lunch for the entire Station North/Charles Village corridor. It’s similar to the Chipotle concept, but with Korean bibimbap: You choose a type of rice, a protein, and then a bunch of vegetables. And this ain’t no paltry-ass chicken for protein. The stir-fired squid is spectacular, perfect and chewy. And the bulgolgi beef rocks. Then among the toppings there’s all kinds of pickled stuff and kimchi and even small crisp anchovies. Once you eat here, you’ll want to be back every day to try more. Fuck your corporate addiction. Brown Rice is the bomb.

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