Best Place To Go Before It Goes Out of Business: Katana

845 S. Montford Ave., (410) 522-7100,

If you want to try the newest sushi spot on the east side, we suggest you run, not walk, to the corner bar that is so well-known as a location for failed restaurants that many still refer to it (despite what iteration it is currently in) as “the old Red Fish,” the name of the last moderately successful restaurant that was there about a decade ago. Since then, the space has housed concepts from Mediterranean to burgers to Moroccan cuisine, all closing in less than a year’s time, leaving the apparently-cursed building vacant for the last several years. We’re not sure why this corner bar on busy Boston Street can’t seem to successfully sell booze to crowds of Cantonites, but we wish Katana the best of luck. Just in case, though, go get their live scallops before it’s gone.

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