Best Place To Get A Wedding Gown Made: Jill Andrews Gowns

3355 Keswick Road #101, (410) 338-2525,

When we’re ready to settle down, we’re having a steampunk-themed wedding and we’re getting our gown from Jill Andrews, a Hampden-based gown designer. Her background in theater has helped her come up with some pretty crazy creations, including a dress made from a curtain. Oh yeah, she also worked with Hopkins to design new ebola-fighting suits to make them fashionable, practical, and safer. But we’re still all about her amazing gown designs. Her elegant looks range from Victorian, to the aforementioned steampunk, to modern spins on the classical Indian sari. You can also watch her and her staff bust out these creations from the huge windows of her studio at the old Hampden police precinct. Now if we can only pin her down long enough to create something for us for Comic-Con . . .

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