Best Place to Break Your Ankle: Herring Run Park

3800 Belair Road

Once an overlooked series of trails near the more popular Lake Montebello, Herring Run Park has been anything but quiet in 2015. After The Friends of Herring Run Park announced an oncoming “face lift” in early 2015, huge signs appeared stating the trails were closed for renovation. Huge rock piles helped stop erosion, and massively gutted holes up to 30 feet wide and deep help in the long haul improvement, but the magical forest in the city has been FernGullied. No safe side path was set aside for the work in progress. The forklifts and dump truck interruptions haven’t stopped regulars from pounding the pavement, though—the strong man, the speed walker, the WYPR reporter, or John, the dog walker—but their ankles may not go untwisted in the interim.

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