Best Perspective: Buck Showalter

Misty-eyed sports writers like to talk a lot about how sports teams can uplift their home cities, and while this no doubt happens, it’s hard getting around the fact we’re talking about millionaires playing children’s games. So it was more than refreshing to hear Orioles manager Buck Showalter properly put things into perspective after his club played a game in Oriole Park at Camden Yards as the Baltimore Uprising was still unfolding outside the stadium gates. After a young African American reporter asked Showalter what he would say to all the kids of east and west Baltimore, the skipper cut right through white privilege. “I’ve never been black, OK? So I don’t know, I can’t put myself there. I’ve never faced the challenges that they face, OK?” he said. “We’ve made quite a statement as a city, some good, some bad. But now let’s get on with taking the statements we’ve made and creating a positive . . . There are some things I don’t want to be normal, you know what I mean? I don’t. I want us to learn from some stuff that’s gone on, on both sides of it.” Showalter’s words were the proper acknowledgment that there were more important things going on than baseball.

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