Best Panty Raid: WTMD reimagines 'Thong Song'

Turns out 2015 marked the 15th anniversary of ‘Thong Song,’ the smash hit that made Dru Hill member Sisqo the silver-domed icon of the summer of 2000. Rather than an oral history or some sort of retrospective essay, WTMD asked seven local artists to reimagine the ode to barely-there underwear. The results were truly weird and fantastic, from Horse Lords and M.C. Schmidt rearranging the lyrics using a random word generator to The Manly Deeds making the song sound like an old-time-y hootenanny. Even some of the more straightforward takes are great too, such as TT The Artist and Schwarz’s club banger rendition and Thee Lexington Arrows molding the pop-R&B song into the greatest unreleased Hole track. More projects like this, please.

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