Best Outdoor Gambling: Horseshoe Casino

1525 Russell St., (844) 777-7463,

While we do fancy a nice afternoon at the rail of Pimlico, and many residents have used a neighborhood alley to shoot dice and enjoy a nice summer breeze, there’s nothing quite like the outdoor slot machines at the Horseshoe. Where else can you risk your money in a game of chance while getting whiffs of the scents that blow off the middle branch of the Patapsco River and enjoying the scenic vistas of a bustling Russell Street? Nowhere is the answer. And let’s think about what these slots really mean. After you’ve been in the casino all night on a long heater and need a break from the piped-in oxygen, you can breathe fresh Baltimore air without having to miss the opportunity to gamble during your Horseshoe experience. Watch the machines light up and bleep and boop and take a quick glance at the stars before seeing if you’ve hit all three cherries.

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