Best Opportunity to Quench a Food Desert: Madison Park North Apartments Pending Redevelopment

738 W. North Ave.

As Baltimore real estate develops, gentrification has the ability to worsen the income inequality crisis that seems all but insolvable in this city. Watching where development money is being allocated, we can’t rely on city leaders to improve living conditions outside the “White L” with much effectiveness. Madison Park North Apartments, a more-than-8-acre property on North Avenue in Reservoir Hill, is walking distance from Bolton Hill. Its residents were relocated this spring and the mismanaged property now sits vacant, boarded up and surrounded by fencing. This massive property is slated for demolition and redevelopment in the next year and, if the mixed-use (commercial and living) plan moves forward, it will be the best opportunity to provide healthy food shopping for two neighborhoods that desperately need it. None of this will be easy. It will take a community to shape this space in the image they desire—one that the neighborhood has deserved for generations.

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