Best Old-School Smoke Shop: Mount Vernon Tobacco

221 W. Read St., (410) 728-5669

Get outta here with your vapes, e-cigs, and other newfangled smoking devices. The tobacconist on Read Street will have none of that. This one-room shop is equipped with an impressive humidor stocked with some hard-to-find cigar varieties and it has hand-rolled smokes from Central America that run anywhere from about $2 to $22 a stick. That’s a pretty good price point and cheaper than some of the other cigar shops. It doesn’t carry such lesser brands as White Owl and its selection of flavored brands is small—this is strictly a joint you would hit up for before a round of golf or a bachelorette or bachelor party. The two-man staff is extremely helpful if you’re breaking into the joys of smoking the old-school way.

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