Best Notary Public: Joyce Trigger at Dimitri's Tavern

3820 Falls Road, (410) 274-7730

Every once in a great while, a thing you have to affix your signature to also needs to be notarized, and usually it’s been so long since you had a notary public-notarize something that you can’t even remember what “notarized” even means. Generally it’s just more impossible bureaucratic paperwork piled on top of dealing with some sort of stupid legal document, or house thing, or that form you might find yourself printing out when you forget the combination to your Master Lock®, so it’s really important, and usually you have to go and find a notary public at a boring place like a bank or financial institution, but no more! Now, Friday through Tuesday, 6 p.m.-2 a.m., you can stop in at Dimitri’s Tavern (or phone and set up an appointment), and Joyce Trigger, Notary Public, will notarize you, in public, for the nominal fee of $4, and because you’re OK with being in a bar, you should think about having a nice intoxicating drink, because you probably need one.

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