Best New York Experience in Baltimore: The 200 block of Saratoga Street

Whenever we’re missing NYC, we walk up and down one particular strip of shops on West Saratoga Street. It’s like stepping onto a set about New York in the '70s. Besides the fact that there’s an honest-to-god bodega, there are two candle shops that specialize in voodoo and hoodoo, small, ornate doorways leading to tiny upstairs offices, music blaring from barbershops, artists hanging out on the fire escapes of their studios, boutiques hawking clothing in wild colors, a corner diner called Blue Sky Diner, and architecture that’s more old Brooklyn than modern Bmore. Up until August, you could also crate-dig around the corner at Dimensions in Music, but the proprietor has moved the operation to Belvedere Square (yeah, we’re stumped too). Maryland Art Place, which has been housed there since the ’80s, has a basement bar that features the 14Karat Cabaret weekend nights. We love Baltimore and we love going to New York, so a walk down this strip of the city on a warm summer evening is like the best of both worlds.

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