Best Museum Show: 'Bubble Over Green' by Victoria Fu at The Contemporary

When The Contemporary Museum mysteriously suspended operations in 2012, it seemed like the Mayans were right—Baltimore’s art scene was dealt a blow of apocalyptic proportions. But under director Deana Haggag’s leadership and rebranding, The Contemporary put on its first exhibition in nearly three years this February. And it was an awesome comeback. Victoria Fu’s “Bubble Over Green” reactivated the vacant KAGRO building on North Avenue (one of Baltimore’s last brutalist buildings) with neon sculptures and an immersive video installation, creating a space somewhere between the holodeck from “Star Trek” and a cathedral devoted to the iPad. Footage referencing touch-screen ergonomics and a painterly take on the editing process lent the piece a hypnotically interactive feeling, while other content responded to the idiosyncratic architecture and cityscape outside. It was a challenging but brilliant pairing of artist and site—one that has us looking forward to what’s to come from the nomadic museum.

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