Best MTA Troll: The Route 27 Bus


Storied for the callousness of its operators, cruising past unfortunate souls attempting to wave it down on Howard Street when it should have stopped at the stop near the Meyerhoff, legendary for undependability, arriving oh, 20 minutes early, half an hour late, or never at all, the so-called Route 27 bus is a Troll, like those on the internet; a malicious, spiteful entity seeking to bring out the worst in us as we spit on the ground and curse at the mention of The Number 27. Yes, a Troll, but nothing like a Troll under a bridge (who would at least give you fair value for the payment it demanded to let you pass), so fuck you, MTA, for your lip service in response to the endless and vociferous complaints about this route, and never coming up with a solution, such as breaking it into two routes, or demonstrating you are in any way bothering to enforce a semblance of timeliness upon the operators of the 27. Yeah, you got us, 27-Troll, you win, we hate you and we are screaming at you with all the veins in our neck popping out, clenching our fist so tight the coins of our $1.70 fare are cutting into the skin on our rage-shaking hands, fuck you and every bus that looks like you, your Number is Legion, and it is the Number 27, and we hope you get a flat tire on your way through Hell and a junkie takes a smelly dump in the seat right behind the driver.

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