Best Mezcaleria: Clavel

225 W. 23rd St., (301) 848-2849,

This is sort of a no-contest award, given that, as far as we know, Clavel is the only dedicated mezcaleria in the city. But its collection of mezcal, a spirit made from the agave plant in Mexico, is so impressive that it deserves acknowledgement. The Remington spot has a dedicated mezcal menu with pages and pages of options, and 0.75-ounce servings available so you can try multiple varieties of the spirit without getting immediately hammered. Feeling overwhelmed? Clavel has four “mezcales de la casa” as a way for you to ease into developing a palate for this artisanal spirit. After a few visits here, you’ll be identifying different notes and flavor profiles in the liquor like a pro—or at least you can pretend to as you get drunk sipping at shots of the stuff.

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