Best Memories That Now Seem Like a Weird Dream: Club K

2101 Maryland Ave.

We first stumbled across Club K walking down 21st Street toward the Eagle, only to discover that it had succumbed to The Great Gay Bar Apocalypse of Baltimore. Luckily, we were drawn in by the neon lights and fog machine seeping under the door at Club K. The tiny bar was lit by black lights and monitors showing Korean karaoke videos. We were greeted by an enthusiastic recent transplant from Seoul who always seemed to be wearing a light-up LED shirt. The walls were covered in neon murals glowing like so much cloudy Soju being poured. Usually, save for occasional groups of Korean college-age kids, it was empty. Eventually, local DJ/promoter Jacob Seaton started booking noise shows, dance parties, and bands in the weird little bar and it became a popular hangout on the border of Station North and Koreatown. Since it went out of business this year, it seems like a half-remembered acid trip. In reality: one more piece of Baltimore weird lost.

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