Best Lounge: Goodfellas Lounge

4919 Belair Road, (443) 759-6615

Some days a bar just won’t do. Some days it takes a lounge. Some days you want to drink by dim lamp light while sitting in a booth, or better yet, a black leather sofa. On days like that, you should head to Goodfellas Lounge. It’s a gem tucked into a basement at the corner of Belair Road and Valley View Avenue in Baltimore’s Frankford neighborhood. There’s just something about walking down a couple of steps to enter a place that makes it feel as if you’re in on a secret no one else knows about. The floors are black and white checkerboard and the walls are painted red. It has a hip, off-the-grid kind of vibe. Buy a beer or a highball and Rocky, the owner, will point you toward the free pool table. Grab a stick—you have nowhere else to be.

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