Best Lawyers for Artists: Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

1500 Union Ave., Suite 1330, (410) 752.1633,

If you are an artist, meaning, in this case, you are involved in visual or literary arts, music, dance, film, or performance arts, and you have a legal issue in a matter involving your creative career, get in touch with the good people at Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts for solid advice and possibly pro bono (that’s free, for you non-lawyers out there) help with your legal entanglements. MdVLA is a unique and invaluable resource for Baltimore artists, and its website and MdVLA Arts Brief newsletter provide a wealth of information on the myriad issues affecting artists. There are eligibility requirements for legal services and an income cap (but you probably don’t make a whole lot of money, we know), and MdVLA determines the art-worthiness of your beef, but even if you don’t match up completely for a free ride, MdVLA will point you—as they pointed us—to someone who gives a damn about what you do, and wants to help you get legal worries out of your head so you can get back to work with a smile on your face, and maybe a little more money on your pocket.

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