Best Late-Night Food for People Watching: Never On Sunday

829 N. Charles St., (410) 727-7191,

If it’s midnight and you’re looking for grub to soak up all those bad decisions, you might as well hit two birds with one stone and be entertained while you wait for your gyro. Never On Sunday, a well-known Greek spot in Mount Vernon, has found a huge following that’s quite the mix. Cops, hipsters, gays, trans, cross dressers, white, black, Latino, it’s all here waiting in a long line for pizza, chicken parm sandwiches, and Greek specialties (we recommend the stuffed grape leaves). But it’s what happens in line that’s the true joy: make-out sessions, unapologetically loud couple blow-ups, skimpy dresses on women and men alike, there’s not much we haven’t seen here. And if you haven’t gotten your fill, go for the STS dessert (Second To Sex), a layering of chocolate pudding, Cool Whip, cream cheese, almonds, and nuts that’s as delicious as the crowd.

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