Best Late-Night Entertainment: Lucas Gerace aka The Most Marvelous

Club Charles, 1724 N. Charles St., (410) 727-8815,

What do you do when you’re drunk and this guy in a tiny room at Club Charles makes lemons and limes appear suddenly as if out of thin air? You freak out and yell, then tip him extremely well. We’ve seen Gerace’s act numerous times during the week in the small red room at Club Charles and we’re blown away by his magic every time. Gerace, a member of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society, has been doing his act late at night at Club Chuck for about a year now. His interactive magic has stunned our skeptical friends from both NASA and local media outlets into silence. Gerace dresses like an Edwardian junk dealer and performs like a master. We have no idea how he makes things appear and disappear—and this is after him allowing us to look under the table. And he does it through the boozy haze of the numerous cocktails he consumes throughout the night.

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