Best Information Superhighway to Nowhere: MTA's MyBusTracker

Like a growing percentage of its buses, the Maryland Transit Administration’s real-time bus tracker arrived late. Rather than hand over real-time data to app developers, MTA built its own fugly website. Then, with just one day’s work, Transit App got Baltimore bus data onto an app, despite MTA’s insistence that app-friendly data would have taken too much time and money. But because the universe has decided our region shall be forever transit-fucked, even Transit App is often useless because so many buses are logged off the system. The bottom line at the bus stop? If you’re lucky, you’ll figure out when your bus is coming. If you’re unlucky, you’ll just get the same scheduled arrival time that’s been on MTA’s website for years. If you’re really unlucky, someone will rob you of your phone while you’re squinting and clicking.

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