Best Incompetence: Dan Rodricks

Somewhere smashed between a hectic schedule of mispronouncing his guests' names and standing on principle to never read a book he has to do an interview about, WYPR’s “Midday” host Dan Rodricks miraculously found a new way to run headfirst into the already-low bar of the news game in a July 1, 2015 interview with Labor Secretary Thomas Perez. Rodricks’ introduction to the segment billed the interview in part as, “what we should know about the Trans Pacific Partnership [TPP] trade agreement.” Rodricks, confusing administration buzzwords with actual information, let Secretary Perez drop such quotes as “the American Worker is the North Star for our negotiations” unquestioned and uncontested. Rodricks hit peak incompetence when he asked Secretary Perez if he thought Congress would grant the president “fast track” authority on the deal—something Congress had already done a week prior to the interview. Can someone please show Rodricks how to type a term, say “TPP” for instance, into a search bar, hit enter, and then click the button that says “News” before he does an interview?

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