Best Hot Dog: Jumbo Jewish Hot Dog at Attman's Delicatessen

1019 E. Lombard St., (410) 563-2666,

After we order a giant pastrami sandwich at Attman’s, there’s always a stabbing melancholy afterthought as we approach the end of the line toward the cash register and see row upon row of plump, potent tubesteaks lazily lolling on the steel rollers, and we say to ourselves, “Wow, gotta try the dog next time, look at those things, glistening, visually bursting with the promise of deep flavor, makes me want a hot dog real bad!” Well, let next time be your next time because last time we lined up at Attman’s we finally went in on a fully dressed Jumbo Jewish Hot Dog ($4.89), sheathed (as nature intended) in a blanket of bologna, enrobed in Attman’s standard generous dose of mustard, onions, and relish garnish, barely held under control in the bun, and when your teeth snap the skin on this salty, juicy, and succulent frankfurter, it truly is a hot dog moment.

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