Best Hot Dog Cart: Haute Dog Carte

6070 Falls Road,

A hot dog cart that lets you cut in line is the best hot dog cart. Haute Dog Carte encourages you to yell ahead when you’re in line to give the wiener chef and owner Daniel a head’s up that you’d like a cooked-to-order veggie dog (they take an extra 10 minutes or so) and no one in line gives you the side-eye. That veggie dog is worth the wait with its herby flavor heft, tomato and onion jam, and grainy Dijon. The delicious HD Signature dog comes the same way—just add bacon and onion marmalade. Get the aforementioned dogs or a smoked country sausage or spicy Italian for $6 or $5, respectively, or one of its special weekend numbers such as a lamb sausage with mint chutney or French garlic sausage with fig Sriracha for $6—all served in a chewy baguette. Off-menu tip: family-friendly kids’ half dog on a Martin’s bun for $2.

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