Best Hef: Steve Geppi

If his Facebook posts are to be believed, Geppi—the owner of Baltimore magazine, Diamond Comic Distributors, Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, and, at one point, part of the Orioles—is living a hilariously lecherous lifestyle. The regular posts of Geppi posing poolside with bikini-clad women a third his age, or with front-row seats at Orioles games accompanied by a line of young women in tight O’s shirts (sometimes including his daughter Gina Geppi—Bmag’s “Baltimore Bachelorette” columnist and winner of CP’s Best Trainwreck in 2012—for extra awkwardness) are entertaining enough, but one post late last year got especially hilarious. The Gepster posted a pic of himself pawing a young blonde with the comment “does it get any better than this?” and a series of posters mistook his gross creepiness for fatherly—or grandfatherly—pride. “You are a lucky Dad” posted one. “There is Nothing like sharing life with a child that is grown up,” said another; “Love the growns and the grands,” read a third. The horrific task of setting the record straight fell to Geppi’s son Josh, who posted, “Lmao! That IS NOT his daughter.” We still get the shivers thinking about it.

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