Best Hair Stylist: Madison Signore

Over the past few years, you might’ve glanced at some pretty sexy androgynous punks on the bus with too-good-to-be-true, rainbow-hued hair. Or perhaps you’ve noticed a formerly scruffy noise musician who now cleans up nice while still looking rebellious. Have you ever lusted after the perfectly asymmetrical, cotton-candy-colored hair of someone at an art opening? Chances are, they’re clients (aka friends) of Madison Signore. She’s become the stylist to Baltimore’s countercultures—expertly chopping and razoring and bleaching and dyeing the heads of the city’s artists and musicians, often from the comfort of a punk-house kitchen and occasionally, back in the day, in exchange for a six-pack. And my god, the city’s freaks have never looked so good. You can find her doing freelance work around town; she also works out of Talking Heads salon in Philly. Oh yeah, she can also give you a professional “normal” cut and color, but who wants that?

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