Best Hair: Big Mouth

Some say punk is dead because of capitalism and commercialism and in some ways of course it’s true, but by that logic so is all art and everything else that’s good. And the world’s always a mess so we still need the fury, frustration, and fuck-it-all feeling that are injected into punk, pumping us with a big, necessary, cathartic release. So thank god for the bands that are still holding it down, such as our own Big Mouth, whose members play their songs quick, sharp, and loud—often in dresses and heels, no less (and drummer Ian Marshall’s nice suits). During Big Mouth’s performance at Ottobar for Downtown Boys’ record release show in May, we sweated and pushed each other around to Big Mouth’s tinny, doom-y, discordant sounds while Angela Swiecicki growled out her lyrics. And at one point, during one of their songs underneath pink stage lights, all four members’ crazy Medusa locks flew all around and back and forth in an almost-perfect, rhythmic synchronicity, burning an indelible image onto our brains and reminding us why this music this still matters.

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