Best Giveaway: Buck Showalter Garden Gnome

Stadium giveaways are a pretty basic ploy to drive up attendance, but the shirts, hats, and other tchotchkes handed out for free at Orioles games are pretty inspired. Just look at what the items go for on eBay and you’ll get a sense of how desperate Birdland fans are for the limited-edition freebies. But nothing was as unique and downright bizarre as a garden gnome designed to look like manager Buck Showalter. There are undoubtedly plenty of green thumbs out there who want this statue among their cherished plants. Still, we’d wager most of the owners of the treasured gnome simply appreciate the surreal site of Showalter looking like a mythical dwarf. Is there a better way to enshrine an Oriole great? Earl Weaver may have a statue and his number retired, but Buck will always have the gnome.

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