Best Gay Bar: Sitting on Grindr at Club Charles

1724 N Charles St., (410) 727-8815,

Let’s face it, nightlife options for the city’s queers—from femme dykes to daddy bears—is going the way of the polar bear: extinct. The past few years have seen all of the city’s lesbian bars and a sizable chunk of the gay bars—from dives like The Quest to seemingly thriving discotheques like Club Hippo—announce their closure. So what’s a cruising gay to do? We recommend using dating/hookup app Grindr with a cheap drink at the Club Charles. It’s friendlier than Grand Central, there’s never a cover, and the discreet upstairs corner has an outlet for whenever your smartphone battery inevitably drains. Bonus: In case your quest is successful, it’s the most convenient spot for walking, biking, public transit, and taxis to both the traditional gayborhood and all the places the queers are moving as they get gentrified out. And that dim red lighting will make any selfies you exchange look flawless.

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