Best Gallery Show: 'Pooches at the Penthouse' at Penthouse Gallery

We didn’t just love this show because there were over a dozen dogs in attendance—well, that was a big part of it, but our immense excitement over seeing our four-legged companions happily participate in an art show was equal to the visual quality of the interactive agility course sculptures by Shelby Norton and black-and-white films by Claire Di Salvo, who also created ceramic water dishes and a full menu of homemade treats for the canine guests and their humans. Curated by Process Collective and Alloverstreet founder Kimi Hanauer, “Pooches at the Penthouse” did what all art exhibitions should strive to achieve, but too often miss or fail to even try: It engaged a wide-ranging audience (not just diverse in species—the show drew our mom into the Copycat, of all places) in something new. In the context of a mass dog play date, the work challenged our conceptions of how art functions and the rules of gallery shows.

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