Best Flashy Liquor Board Ruling: Closing Craig's/Favorites Pub

The post-Steve Fogleman, pre-Larry Hogan Baltimore City Liquor License Board, led by Thomas Ward, upheaved a number of liquor-license holders who seemed to be skirting policy, and the board easily outstripped its predecessor in terms of violations issued (241 in 2015 as of June 23, versus 94 total in 2014). But of all the waves it made, the tidal one was the liquor board’s decision in January to shut down Craig’s, the infamous Loyola bar on York Road (City Paper’s Best College Bar, 2012), after a marathon hearing where police testified that 105 out of 125 patrons were found to be underage during one raid of the bar. The closure of the bar—whose liquor license was permanently revoked in April—spurred scads of mournful tweets from patrons past, reminiscing about how many drunken escapades were committed there.

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