Best Fiction: 'Find Me' by Laura van den Berg

Though no longer a Baltimore writer, Laura van den Berg spent a few formative years here, putting together short stories that eventually became “Isle of Youth,” which pulled her into the mainstream. Her debut novel “Find Me” is set in a world debilitated by a memory-destroying disease that moves fast, and the protagonist finds herself on a frantic excursion through scattered memories in search of a semblance of stability—something she lacked even before the epidemic. Touching on the various ways our lives and selves are shaped through all of our relationships and hardships, with an emphasis on the fact that our time with everyone is limited whether by death or falling out or reasons we can’t put our finger on (and with a subtext hinting at technology’s role in this), “Find Me” is a breezy, strong piece of fiction that feels foggy and quiet but complex, like Anne Carson or Haruki Murakami.

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