Best Feels: Windjammer

Anyone with a beating heart and even a passing interest in the Baltimore music scene couldn’t help but have a bit of hometown pride seeing Future Islands, Beach House, and Dan Deacon play before a sell-out crowd at Pier Six Pavilion. After years of putting in the work, these three local bands had reached a place in their careers where it would be possible for them to draw an audience of thousands. It was a big crowd, sure, but it was also impossible to not bump into lots of familiar faces from old Whartscapes and shows where these very same bands were playing in a room or warehouse loft filled with dozens. And the headliners did right by their hometown too, offering a full slate of local bands and DJs and giving the proceeds of the concert to the Living Classrooms Foundation’s Believe in Music program. The constant touring that it takes to make it as a band in 2015 means these acts aren’t in Baltimore as much as they once were, but it’s clear the city is never far from their minds. For the people who have seen these bands develop over the years, Windjammer felt like a wonderful celebration of the scene’s success.

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