Best Facebook Group: Cayton Nanbers

Need another excuse to waste all your time on Facebook? Join the world of Cayton Nanbers, where there's never any parking, all of your problems can be solved by a new start-up app, everything happens at the corner of Linwood and O'Donnell, and the answer to every minor question is to call 311 or 911. Started by erstwhile Sun critic (and contributor to this issue) Richard Gorelick, this Facebook group is, obviously, a parody of the group devoted to the non-problems of the similar-sounding white neighborhood. It's easy to get sucked into reading all of the posts, most of which tend to sharply parody Canton's fear of outsiders (read: non-white people), love of corn hole and oversized vehicles, loathing of the Red Line, and apparent inability to use Google for restaurant recommendations.

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