Best Enigma: Joseph Kent

We'd been following Joseph Kent around since the Ferguson Baltimore protests here last autumn, when Rev. Heber Brown III called him “MLK with tattoos and gold fronts.” And then as those protests wound down, he suddenly disappeared. He never returned calls or responded to emails and we never saw him again until the first night of the curfew, when they entire country saw him scooped up—”kidnapped” some had it—by the police and the National Guard on a CNN broadcast. All of a sudden, his name was a hashtag and he was everywhere. When he got out of jail, he disappeared again—and we found out he never even went to Morgan State, as he told us he had. A couple of nights later, we saw him lead a march away from Penn North toward downtown. It was 20 or 30 people. Why were they going that way? Where were they going? We went to check on some other stuff and eventually found Kent again, alone, being arrested by the jail. Nothing about it made sense. Nothing about Kent makes sense. But he fascinates us. And we look forward to seeing him again.

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