Best Deviled Eggs: Deviled Eggs at Pen & Quill

1701 N. Charles St., (410) 601-3588,

Maybe you’re the kind of person who’s into deviled eggs, the one who brings them to the party on one of those deviled egg plates, a whole circle of mustard-yellow dollops in their shiny white egg jackets, sprinkled with paprika and a little parsley dust, if you’re fancy. Or maybe you hate the thought of a slimy, picnic-warmed egg squishing around in your mouth. Either way, you want the ethereal whip of an egg served up at Pen & Quill, the yolk climbing high like a French pastry cream puff, just the right combination of sweet and tang, a hint of salt, light as a fucking cloud. It’s magic, and you should try one at happy hour, paired with their ridiculously delicious pretzel, the perfect high-class turn on childhood eats.

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