Best D.C. Invasion: RandallScottProjects

216 W. Read St., (410) 617-0091

Fears of Washington, D.C. residents being lured up to Baltimore by cheaper real estate reached a nail-biting moment when those prefab “luxury” Station North Townhomes were completed near Penn Station in 2007. That it never happened—or simply hasn’t yet—doesn’t mean our paranoia is unjustified. But if they have to come, let RandallScottProjects be an object lesson. Ever since the veteran gallerist opened his Mount Vernon space last August, his has become a professional but not disconnected exhibition space among Baltimore’s more-abundant DIY spaces. And he’s been showcasing local artists deserving of such professional representation, with previous shows featuring Stephanie Barber, 2015’s Best Artist Alex Ebstein, and Stewart Watson, and upcoming shows featuring Zoë Charlton and Sarah Jacobs.

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