Best Curfew Cry: Abdu Ali

For those who depend on Baltimore night life, either for employment or entertainment, the bullshit curfew restricted access to the city when we really needed it—for cash or some temporary escape from the chaos of the uprising. On May 2, which turned out to be the final night of the curfew, The Crown’s Red Room felt surreal, lit by the harsh natural daylight of 5 to 9 p.m. for Abdu Ali’s event Da Cloud. The rhythm of natural night life was order thrown off and many people struggled to appropriately adjust their alcohol intake, and we even witnessed two people vomiting before 9 p.m. In typical fashion, Ali’s lyrical sorcery as an MC and channeling of beautiful queer black rage gave the room power, along with Neru Isis and :3lON & Butch Dawson increasing the evening’s PLUR levels. And following Ali’s performance he played call-for-peace house classic ‘Follow Me’ by Aly-Us and everybody in The Crown danced and hugged and cried. Even when your city is occupied by the National Guard, you still gotta party.

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