Best Country and Folk: 'Zane Campbell' by Zane Campbell

Disclosures out the way first—Zane Campbell’s seminal self-titled album was produced by CP contributor Travis Kitchens. And despite what you might think, such conflicts generally make us more reluctant to give an award. But the album is so undeniably brilliant that there’s really no way we could have given the Best Country and Folk award to anyone else—and not just because Ola Belle Reed was his aunt. Zane is the guy that all the other younger country dudes pretend to be. He’s had a tough life of hard livin’ and he puts it all in subtle, slacked-out story songs that are filled with a heart-breaking specificity and an easy-to-relate-to generality. It took a lifetime for this record to come to be, so we hope Zane’s got a lot of fuel left in his tank. We’re looking forward to more.

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