Best Cookie: Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies from Kinderhook Snacks

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Don’t let the time factor be the only reason you buy prepackaged cookies; pick up a package on your way to a party, sure, but make it the best you can get. Locally made Kinderhook Snacks will get you hooked on their salted chocolate chip cookies before you get all of one of these grand crispy domes of sweet and salty in your sweet hole. Their online marketing vid by Christopher Moore shows one of the snack ladies cramming (but in a nice way) high-quality chocolate chip discs into the ice cream scoop full of cookie dough because CHOCOLATE, resulting in like four chocolate layers per bite. But the semisweet chocolate wouldn’t spark and resonate and dance on the tongue without a healthy dose of chunky sea salt taking the buttery dough to the next level of crumbly deliciousness.

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