Best Confusing Shopping District: Charles Street Between North Avenue and 25th Street

We don’t know if we’re supposed to call it Old Goucher, Koreatown, Charles Village South, Charles North, or Station North, or if it’s even still considered Midtown, but then, everything about this strip of Charles Street is confusing. We can’t figure out what it is that half of the businesses here do, or how they stay in business. Why is this bakery only open two hours a week? Why does this storefront just have a lonely church hat and phone number in the window? Does this place sell office supplies or religious art? Who decided to open a halal market and a family dentist office in the armpit of the Baltimore Eagle? A sign that says “African Hair Braiding” in English but everything else is in Korean? We don’t think it’s ever been open. Anyone remember the “cybervegan cafe” in an abandoned one-hour-photo place that just kept all the same furniture?

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