Best Commentary: Barry Rascovar

In late June when a lot of us were so filled with rage at Larry Hogan’s cavalier dismissal of the promised Red Line without an alternative, distributing funds earmarked for the city projects to highways throughout the state (see “Best Looting of West Baltimore”), that we could barely spit out coherent sentences, veteran political commentator Barry Rascovar took to his blog,, to vent on our behalf, and tactically disassembled all of Hogan’s claims about the project, from its implausibility to it wastefulness. “What’s wasteful in this case is failing to give Baltimore a decent mass-transit system that holds the potential to stimulate economic development, job growth and improve residents’ quality of life,” he wrote. In the following months, Rascovar continued to hammer away at Boss Hög, and his column “The New Nasty Larry Hogan,” about Hög’s transformation into a combative GOP hack, even earned a retort from the governor, who said, “I’m still the nice guy I have always been.” Save it for Cooter, Hög. We’re with Rascovar.

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