Best Cocktail Program: Bookmakers Cocktail Club

31 E. Cross St., (443) 438-4039,

Jager bombs, lemon drops, and Red Bull and vodka slushies are usually what come to mind when we think of Federal Hill, but Bookmakers Cocktail Club is turning that reputation on its head. Led by innovative beverage director Ryan Sparks, this dark and beautifully appointed bar is putting out some of the most innovative cocktails we’ve seen, which is saying something in a city with such an impressive cocktail scene. A menu of 29 specialty and classic cocktails may seem overwhelming at first, but the staff will happily guide you. Whether you’re a fan of mezcal (go with The Ring of Fire) or prefer gin (The Golden State includes house hopped-habanero grapefruit bitters . . . whoa) we have yet to find a miss. And the fact it has chartreuse cocktails on draft is the ultimate Luxardo cherry on top.

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