Best Cloud Chasing: 41Ohm Vapor

1910 N. Charles St., (410) 962-7038,

Walking by 41Ohm on a Friday night is like peering into a William Gibson novel. A group of enthusiastic vapists—it’s impossible to determine how many—sit around inside a glass box, competing on who can blow the biggest, largest, most impressive cloud. How can they even tell who won? The entire lounge appears to be one communal cloud, mint mixing with maple mixing with strawberry to form a single sugary-sweet vape mélange. When you gaze through the windows, the people inside seem like indistinct shapes bathed in light and mist. In a year where cyberpunk seemed to constantly be on trend, standing outside of a vape shop located above a Korean karaoke spot turned hipster nightclub, watching humans blow huge clouds of flavored water vapor, is peak cyberpunk.

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