Best Cider: Sidra Americana from Millstone Cellars

2029 Monkton Road, Monkton, (443) 470-9818,

Anybody put off by the too-sweet ciders typically offered by bars could be made a convert by the Basque region’s sidra. This crisp and tart variety of apple cider can be convivially consumed all day without the bloat that accompanies beer during an afternoon at the pub. Few sidra options are found in local liquor stores, though. Luckily, regional cidery Millstone, whose various blends started appearing in 2013, debuted its Sidra Americana last fall. Exquisitely tart and dry, this Sidra treats Basque styles as an inspiration rather than a taste to reproduce soullessly, and the result is refreshing and dry cider that goes with damn near everything.

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